Welcome to the Mzansi Race

    How often do you find yourself saying: “Cape Town can be so clique-y, it’s hard to MEET NEW PEOPLE….” Well, it doesn’t have to be!

    Join MZANSI RACE, the ultimate treasure hunt race in Cape Town!

    Join a team of 4 Treasure Hunters on 6 December, 2014, pack your trusty sacks and toss out any resemblance of logic. This is an adventure not to be missed!

    An adrenaline-pumping, visual-overloading, taxi-honking, fynbos-perfuming, spice-exploding adventure in the Mother city! Follow the treasure map and solve clues stolen from the leather backpacks of nomadic gypsies.


    The winning team will receive great prizes sponsored byVitamin Water, Van Loveren Wines, Eversons Ciders, UCook, Mexican Kitchen and more!  Check back for prize updates daily 😉

    Clues & Treasure Map Puzzle

    Sign-up as Teams of 4 Treasure Hunters! Dig deep and reconstruct your party costumes, smear body paints or don your birthday suit, we don’t care!

    At the starting line, you will receive their first Clue Map piece. Upon completion of your first Clue Map, teams will proceed to one of two Challenge Stations  where you will receive the next 2 pieces of Clue Maps.

    Work together to solve clues. With each unraveling clue you will imprint the bustling cityscapes to your cerebral cortex, beware of the ticking clock when completing each challenge, and march onwards to the finish line!

    The champions will be crowned at the finish line, with a tasty braai to close off the day of adventures 🙂


    Mzansi Race Party

    How to join?

    Life is but a game, and there’s no better way to play than with strangers-turned-tjommies at your side!  

    SIGN-UP as a team of 4, or be part of a REMIX TEAM to meet new people in Cape Town!

    Score your ticket to Mzansi Race here!




    Q: Are there space available for the Mzansi Race on 6 December
    A: As long as tickets are available on sale: https://www.quicket.co.za/events/7508-mzansi-race-treasure-hunt-in-cape-town-6-dec/


    Q: Do we make our own teams of 4 or will we be put into teams with strangers?
    A: You can choose to SIGN-UP as a team of 4, or be part of a REMIX TEAM to meet new people in Cape Town!


    Q: Are any measures taken to ensure the safety of players as far as possible, especially if the race leads us into dangerous areas? 
    A: Yes, there are measures taken to ensure safety of all players as we expect many Cape Town visitors to join us on the race. The areas are contained and within 10km radius from Cape Town city center.

    Contact Us


    CONTACT:  founders@foodandchatter.co.za

    Mzansi Race transformed from Idea > Reality with the help of our AMAZING Thundafund supporters! For that, we SALUTE YOU! 

    Stewart Gatsi, Moya Laufer, Clinton Loggenberg, Sipumziwe Lucwaba, Tatenda Siyahamba, Raus T.

    Mzansi Race is Inspired by 

    Food and Chatter

    World Design Capital 2014

    Afrika Burn

    Amazing Race